Can I come earlier to the "FLOREAL"?
Sure You can come earlier en maybe enjoy the good weather or the beautiful surroundings. Take notice though: you badge will no sooner be available than 4p.m.

Do I have to bring anyting in order to be registered?
No You dont. But it is helpful if you bring a copy of your registrationpapers and if possible a copy of your bankstatement. In case of any uncertainty we could solve it with these documents.

Can I bring my children?
Of course you can. During the sessions there will be devoted workers who will take care of your children. You can bring your children at a cheaper rate.

How do I register for just one day or two days?
If you want to come only for one day or two days, please sent us an e-mail: conventie@fgbmfi.be with a request for adapted prices. It is necessary to mention this at the reception desk.

Is there translation provided?
Yes there is translation from English to Dutch and from English to French.

Can I change my registration?
Yes, if you want to do so you can sent an e-mail to: conventie@fgbmfi.be Make clear what you want to change.
If you want to cancel your registration we charge your € 50 for administrationcosts until 30/09/2016.
After the first of October 2016 we cannot repay you any amount. It is too late to find anyone else to take your place.

I want to be a volunteer.
Sent an e-mail to: conventie@fgbmfi.be

I forgot how I registered myself.
Again sent an e-mail to our secretary Danny at conventie@fgbmfi.be and he will come back to you on that.

Help , I dont have car.
No problem, it is easy to reach the "Duinse Polders" by public transport. You can come by train to Blankenberge.
There you can take the tram direction Zeebrugge, which will bring you right in front of the "Duinse Polders" and go next to FLOREAL!

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