"Only Love can make a miracle"
- When God's power takes hold of a man, it can shake the world -

United in Christ ! Compelled by His Love, to build His Kingdom!

"It is time to encounter God and to take action!"
"Join us for a time of revival in His Glory!"
"Releasing the Kingdom of God, through the Power of Gods Love !"

Dear Friends,
Mahesh en Bonnie Chavda and Jean-Luc Trachsel have graciously accepted our invitation, to be with all of us for this Convention on 10-11-12 November 2017. Our worship team „Rejoice” will help us to be ushered in His Presence!
You and your whole family are cordially invited to join us and be a part of this unique happening.
If you long for more of God desire increased revelation of His Presence in your life, don’t miss this Convention on 15-16-17th November 2013. The speakers will teach you scripture by scripture, launching you into deeper relationship with God. You will learn "how you can acces the third Heaven, experience the angelic realm, and step into closer encounters with the Holy Spirit". This event is designed to instruct, equip and release you into the Glory Realm of God, and receive revelation and experience the Lord in completely new levels of revelation and intimacy.
Our purpose for this Convention is to create a place that you can enter into His Cloud of Glory and feel His presence like never before. In His presence you will experience new things. We believe you will get to know the Lord in a new personel way. As you become overshadowed by the cloud of His Glory, your spirit will be refreshed and a unique peace and joy will overtake you.
God’s desire is that every Christian experience a deeper outrageous Love relationship with Him.
This Convention will urge you not to settle for the swallow places of Christianity that knows about God, without really knowing God. The Devine invitation from God, Himself is not to worship Him from afar, with swallow words (knowledge, theology) and rituals, but also to enter in an outrageous Love relationship so meaningful and intimate, that you know His heart and He knows you. When His outrageous Love operates in you, circumstances have to line up with His promises for you. God's outrageous Love is the only sure thing, and is a powerful force, freeing us from sin, sickness, poverty and fear.
Would you too discover the true essence of the Glory of God? The Holy Spirit is birthing a growing hunger and passion for Jesus and the Father in the hearts of Gods people- to more fully walk in the Spirit and have acces to the secret place. Enjoy a lifestyle and mindset that God destined for you to enjoy. As we will learn to surrender and yield to Him alone, we will see the benefits of Gods Glory, and scriptural manifestations will embrace you more and more. This deep intimacy belongs to all believers, who choose to pursue Him for themselves. His promises, miracles and signs will automatically follow.
Gods Kingdom will soon be invading the earth through a new Glory-generation. His Church (His Bride) is now designed and trained in this endtime by Him alone, who is the only Head. Jesus said: " I will build My church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it". This will happen over the borders of our own church, or denomination. This is the end-time Church that the prophet Joel saw. It is not a weak Church, but a Glorious Church, a mighty army. Do you want to be a part of this army God is now raising up?
We believe this Convention will have a great impact for Europe. It would be a pleasure to meet you there. Plan to attend, invite friends. The congress room and accommodation are all in one building.
Make plans today to join us for that weekend and prepare to be empowered, inspired and refreshed. 
You can’t afford to miss this event because it WILL CHANGE YOUR CHRISTIAN WALK COMPLETELY.


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